trade and market access 
 is a consulting firm with expertise in designing Sustainable Market Access and Supply Chain Solutions. It includes innovative market entry and supply chain strategies and customized training programs that secure the sustainable growth of our clients in local and foreign markets. 

In the last years we have worked with Private and Governmental Organizations on customizing market access and training solutions as part of their programs with local communities.  Special assignments have been developed for Extractive Industries; Mining, Oil and Gas. 

Our services are defined to improve Productivity in the Supply Chain as well as support Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices, by offering:

Market Access and Supply Chain Solutions

Our services are oriented to support our clients when entering markets while managing the relation with local communities and optimizing their supply chain. 
·   Market Entry Strategy
·   Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions
·   Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability
·   Stakeholder and Supplier Relations
·   Community Engagement Programs
·   Private Sector Development
·   Export Promotion Programs

Training Services 

Our Customized Training Programs are designed to be an easy and effective solution that combines principles of sustainability and market access.  The portfolio of educational programs includes: 
·   Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
   and Sustainability as Market Access Tools
·   Sustainable Supply Chain Management
·   Innovation in the Supply Chain 
·   Client and Supplier Relations Across Cultures
·   Trade in Multicultural and Diverse Environments 
·   Capacity Building for Local Communities 
·   Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) 

“...Ms. Ospina’s professionalism and expertise in Market Entry and Export Promotion secured the increase of Pennsylvania exports to Canada. Her knowledge of the Canadian Oil & Gas, Mining and Green Building industries, her ability to design market entry strategies and her talent as relationship builder, account for her success in opening new markets in Canada for multi-sector companies from Pennsylvania.”
Peter C. O'Neill
Executive Director, Center for Trade Development, Office of International Business Development
Department of Community & Economic Development
State of Pennsylvania, United States

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