The combination of our experience in Market Entry and Education makes us capable of Customizing Training Solutions for your organization.

Our courses offer an innovative learning experience and rich teaching interaction to inspire and motivate your team. 

Our flexible approach to learning makes our courses accessible to all levels of the organization.


Benefits for your organization:

- The content and structure of our custom courses are
adapted to meet the needs of individual industries, and economic regions

- Instruction can be designed to educate individuals at all levels of the organization

- Our courses are delivered by the use of Online Technology and Face to Face interaction 

- Instruction is available in English or Spanish

As Market Entry Solution our courses are customized for your organization and designed to support your work in reaching new clients. 


Our 4 steps to customize your program:
Step 1 Assess your needs 
Step 2 Design your training program                 
Step 3 Deliver Training and perform the Evaluation 
Step 4 Follow up your progress by coordinating 
            coaching sessions

The content of each course combines a Market Entry component with applicable knowledge in the following areas:

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

- Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability for Sales and Marketing Professionals
- Moving towards Sustainable Practices and the impact in clients 
- Sustainability and the Organization’s culture
- Sustainable Development in Business Practices 
- Understanding how industry and quality certifications act as a Market Entry Tool
- Why Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility?
Five Module Program: Local Community Procurement Program (LCPP)

Sustainable Supply Chain Management 

Marketing and Supply Chain Management 
- Sourcing and Procurement: The challenge of buying Goods and Services
Where are my clients and suppliers in the Industry Supply Chain? Local Markets vs. Foreign Markets
- International Supply Chain and Logistics  for Marketing Professionals
- International Marketing for Logistics and Operations Professionals
Workshop: Where is my company in the Supply Chain?  

Workshop: From your client's angle: Define what type of supplier are you?

Innovation in the Supply Chain

- Creating Innovative Solutions for your clients by welcoming their ideas and knowledge
- The Supplier experience, your source of innovation
- The New Price: Time and Quality
Workshop:Your team, their knowledge and your experience all elements for innovation


Client and Supplier Relations Across Cultures

- Customer Service for Multicultural Clients 
- Intercultural Business Communications 
Workshop:  Simulation exercise of negotiating across cultures 
Workshop: Unlocking Intercultural Challenges with clients and the organization

Capacity Building Programs
Small and Midsize Companies (SMEs)

- Client Communication: What does your client really want to know about your business?
- Identifying the core of your business: strategies to implement best practices 

- Project Management for Market Entry
- Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Combining Passion with Expertise

Where is my company the Industry Supply Chain? 
- Local Markets vs. Foreign Markets
Workshop: How to self identify your firm's core competences and niche markets 


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