Our Market Access and Supply Chain Solutions are designed to support our clients in the process of entering markets, accessing supply chains and building long lasting business relations in local and foreign markets.

Our knowledge in Market Access, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Strategy has offered our clients a strategic approach at the moment of indentifying markets that benefit from their products or services.  

Years of experience in Market Entry and Sustainability have inspired us to create Market Entry Models that support the work done by governments and industry associations with Small and Midsize Companies.
In Export Promotion our work has secured the success of governmental organizations as well as the private sector in developing business relations in foreign markets.   

Market Entry Strategy

  • Design sustainable market entry strategies per product and market
  • Product Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Industry and Government Regulations

Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

  • Supply Chain research, challenges and solutions
  • Supplier Screening
  • Local Community Procurement Program (LCPPThe LCPP is a Market Entry and Educational program created to integrate Small and Medium Companies to Local industries and their supply chain.

CSR and Sustainability Strategy 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy
  • Industry CSR Practices
  • Sustainability Planning
  • Social and Economical Impact in Clients, Communities and Suppliers
  • E 3 Plus - Framework for Responsible Exploration - Canadian Mining

Stakeholder and Supplier Relations

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Dialogue with Stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Sourcing from who? Supplier Screening

Community Engagement Programs

  • Local Community Assessment
  • Communities work, knowledge and capacities
  • Dialogue with Local Communities
  • The Local Talent 
  • Capacity Building Programs

Private Sector Development Programs

  • Sustainable Development in Business Practices         
  • Programs for Governmental Agencies and Industry Associations to support the Private Sector
  • Economic Development Programs
  • Customized Private Sector Programs (CPSP) The customized programs are oriented to meet specific needs of local businesses and the CSR objectives determined by the sponsor

Export Promotion 

Export Promotion Activities
  • International Trade shows
  • Industry to Industry Promotion
  • Industry to Government Promotion
  • Product Education
Global Market Tour (GMT) The GMT is an Export Promotion Program created to link a global industry strategy with strategic markets
  • Relationship building with Private Sector and Industry Association in the destination market   
  • Industry Visits


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